A meditation experience that sharpens the Senses

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Future Well-being Lab (FWL) is a lab where you can deepen introspection through the senses installation for touching your senses, and pursue the essential richness of your current mind and body.



Have you been feeling so stressed out being respond to various things from outside? 

Can't talk to others even though you want to.

Always find yourself being put off yourself. 


This is a new meditation space where you can listen inside your body. 

Awaken your instinct and release it from slumber now. 


“the Senses Installation” Release your thoughts and just experience an actual feeling.

Realize actual mind and body condition,

and receive your own sense by approaching your body feelings.


From the sensation of a fingertip to the outline of the body. 

Recognize yourself that has been clearly expanded. 

Open the senses and come to who you really are. 

Your future will be fulfilled. 


Let’s start from knowing your condition. 

FWL is the laboratory to create yourself that you want to be. 

Here is the start of your autonomy. 


Event Program

You can deepen a dialogue with yourself through time for introspection, experience of the senses installation and sharing.

1. Introspection

It is a beginning to fulfill yourself to record and listen your condition. 

2. The Senses Installation 

Release your thought by the senses installation for touching your senses,

then you can feel happiness touched the senses naturally.

3. Share

Let’s share your experience. You will find your own ‘self’,

by knowing how others’ feel and clarifying how its’ different with you,

and broaden your world.

4. Future well-being note

FWL note is a journal to come to who you really are by visualizing yourself objectively. It helps you to feel well-being more after the senses installation experience. 



FWLロゴ_アートボード 1.png

FWL is the laboratory to build a better sustainable future for heart and body. We based on thought of ZEN and pursue the essential richness of our heart and body. Then you can try to make a habit to face yourself by opening the senses through meditation with introspection and self-awareness and accepting yourself as you are.




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